Life at Zekindo

Value, culture and what our people said

At Zekindo, you will be supported to grow as creative, energetic, and impactful young people to develop Indonesia’s industry through various development facilities and synergistic collaboration opportunities.

Our goal is to encourage every element involved in Zekindo to be able to face the challenges of the current industry in Indonesia.

Value and Culture

Our desire to develop and offer solutions according to customer needs, encourages us to develop continuously in various areas of our business. Our achievements depend on the quality of the people in it, so Zekindo strives to provide the best experience for our employees to develop sustainably.

Work with High Integrity and Passion

According to Zekindo's foundation policies and supported by experienced leaders in their fields, Zekindo encourages a culture to always behave ethically, principled, honest, and responsible for the actions taken. Passion and courage to face every challenge, encourage our people to make a real contribution in Indonesia's industry

Extensive Learning and Collaboration

At Zekindo, we are committed to provide a learning environment that supports the performance development and collaboration of each individual. Through collaboration with our partners and teams, we provide a variety of mentoring and training programs, as well as intensive learning opportunities in various fields to encourage in-depth understanding in accordance with the roles that our people have.

Build Trust and Appropriate Solutions

We are always committed to providing appropriate solutions according to the needs of the current industry. To support this commitment, Zekindo strives to encourage the development of each individual based on self confidence and belief in others. The sense of trust between individuals will increase customer confidence in the performance and quality that we provide.

Hear from Our People


Rizqi Affan

Zekindo has a very supportive and positive work environment. As an employee, we are given the opportunity and encouraged to always learn through the various learning media provided, to improve personal abilities and build a synergistic learning culture. The learning media provided are very diverse, such as reading books and discussing directly with various seniors who are experienced in their fields. Outside of work, we are facilitated with various sports activities to support our health and physical performance during work, as well as a good way to interact with other Zekindo employees



The most rewarding part of my job is the learning opportunities I have been provided and encountered from my employment with Zekindo – as we are given the opportunities to work collaboratively with people who bring different skill sets and backgrounds and learn from their experience.

The company creates an environment where everyone feels that

they can contribute.

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