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We are committed to use the best local and imported raw materials to produce high quality, competitive and international standards local products to support customers in various industries across Indonesia and ASEAN region.

Water Treatment

Water is one of the important and main aspects in the industry continuation, especially for the manufacturing industry. Water is used in heating, cooling, and processing, so it must be treated optimally to produce high quality products.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas is a global support industry. Developments in the oil and gas industry must be supported by developments in other industries, such as chemicals.

Mining & Mineral Processing

The development of the mining and mineral processing industry to a more sustainable industry, encourages innovation and product development that can support various stages of the process.


With the development of technology as well as domestic and foreign demand in the automotive sector, Zeus together with the resources and knowledge provide innovations and solutions that can develop the automotive industry in Indonesia.

Sugar Processing

Sugar industry is a strategic commodity industry that is undergoing development. Currently the technology used in sugar processing is in the modernization stage which also needs to be supported by the availability of several supporting chemicals.

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