Chlorine-based disinfectants are among the most frequently applied disinfectants and oxidizers for swimming pool treatment. They are really good at killing microbes in swimming pools. Over the years, though, scientists have become concerned about its possible health effects. In water, chlorine reacts with sweat, urine, skin cells and other organic materials to produce all sorts of chemical by products. In animal studies, some of those chemicals have been linked with asthma and bladder cancer.

Pool Sparkling Z-468 is an aqueous solution of microbiocides. It can be a good solution to minimize chlorine requirement in the pool water. This product has maximum efficacy against a broad spectrum control of microorganism, giving an immaculate pool, but does not cause eye or skin irritation.

Below are the benefit of Z-468:

  • Effective to control microorganisms (algae, fungi, bacteria) at a low dosage
  • Capable to work both as microbiocide and water clarifier
  • Odorless, harmless, and will not cause irritation
  • Available in liquid phase so is easy to apply
  • Reduce chlorine demand in swimming pool up to 50%