The use of Reverse Osmosis technology for water purification & demineralization process has been expanding greatly in many industries since its development in the mid 19th centuries. With the principles of applying high pressure feedwater through a semipermeable membrane, Reverse Osmosis technology will remove the unwanted ionic impurities and produce a water of high purity. In order to assure the performance and the lifetime of the Reverse Osmosis membrane to be kept at its highest value, rigorous treatment of the raw feedwater and consistent monitoring of the operating parameters must be done carefully.

ZEKINDO Reverse Osmosis Chemicals products such as antiscalant microbiocide, and cleaner, along with the right technical support from our engineers, has successfully maintain and improve the lifetime and the performance of many Reverse Osmosis membrane. With the right combination of mechanical, operation, and chemical treatment, ZEKINDO has brought excellence to our most valuable customers.